Move from EAST to WEST COAST and being international anyway

January 2017

The new year starts with exciting news: I'm moving to Los Angeles. New York City has taught me a lot about the craft and finding my heart in it, and it's still one of my favourite cities in the world, no doubt, but after having spent last summer in LA it feels like the right thing to do. Getting cast in 4 short films, a commercial and a theater play in only three weeks was unbelievably exciting - I didn't see that coming at all. Plus the amazing open-minded people I've met, the healthy and conscious lifestyle I started here and - of course - the good weather which also had a huge impact on my acting skills - sounds weird, but it's true- and not to forget the fun Uber rides with the most inspiring life stories. How could I not have chosen LA after this experience?! So here I am, equipped with an updated work permit and ready for a new adventure.